COVID-19 Phase II Return to Play Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines

Posted by Mid South Lacrosse on Nov 22 2020 at 07:56PM PST

For Parents
• Ensure your child is healthy – check your
child’s temperature prior to any practice; do
not bring your child or any member of your
family to the facility if anyone is showing
COVID- 19 symptoms.
• Limited or no carpooling.
• Adhere to social distancing requirements -
maintain at least 6 feet apart from others not
in your family.
• Ensure child’s clothing is washed after every
• Ensure child’s equipment is cleaned and
sanitized after each practice.
• Do not assist another child or coach with
team equipment.
• Be sure your child has necessary sanitizer
with them at practices. Teach your child how
to properly use.
• Bleachers and facility seating will not be
available. Please bring your own chair.
• Parents / guardians are responsible for all
children not on the field.

For Coaches
• Limited or no use of the dugouts. Players may
hang their bags on the outside of fields on the
• Upon arriving at a field, disinfect hard surfaces,
i.e. benches, bat racks, etc. Use of bleachers will
be prohibited in this Phase II.
• No team water cooler or shared drinking
• Coaches and officials must wear face coverings
unless engaged in physical activity.
• The coach is the only person to handle any
team practice equipment.
• Ensure the health and safety of the players: by
performing pre-activity health checks.
• Supply players with antibacterial wipes and
hand sanitizer for disinfecting shared
equipment and cleaning hands.
• Adhere to and manage social distancing
practices of 6 ft or more between individuals
and players at all times.

For Players
• Wash hands thoroughly before and after
• Bring your own hand sanitizer.
• Do not touch or share anyone else’s
equipment, water, snack, or bag – you must
bring your own.
• Practice social distancing – place bags and
equipment at least 6 feet apart.
• Wash and sanitize all equipment before and
after training sessions.
• No spitting or eating seeds, gum or other
similar products.
• No touch rule – players must refrain from
high 5’s, hugs, handshakes or other physical
contact with anyone.

For The General Public
• Individuals must maintain six-feet of social
distance from others who are not of the same
• Communal refreshments, drinks, and snacks
are prohibited
• No congregating in parking lots and common
space areas.
• The league will enforce City of Germantown
attendance limits at each field/facility. This
rule will strictly be enforced.
• Practice/activity time is limited to 90 minutes
-times will be staggered for exit transitions..
• Immediately isolate and seek medical care for
any individual who develops COVID-19
symptoms. Contact the City of Germantown
Fire Dept. and the Shelby County Health
Dept. about suspected cases or exposure.