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Posted by Mid South Lacrosse at Oct 4, 2021 11:50AM PDT

We will have boys’ U12/13, middle school U14/15, and high school travel teams again this summer ’22. We will play (2) regional tournaments and look to be finished by early July. We will have tryouts October 24th from 2-4pm at Johnson Road Park in Germantown. THERE IS NO COST TO SIGN UP/TRY OUT.

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Please email any questions to

Players & Parents

I wanted to keep you up to date with our plans for this coming summer ’22. We will have our regular summer games schedule on Tuesdays & Thursday evenings at JRP. The cost to participate in the summer games will be $150. Our plan is to have games each week for Boys 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 & HS and Girls 6/7/8 & HS. As in the past players are invited to participate in the games for the grade the just finished and the grade the are moving into.

Additionally, we will have travel teams for boys U12/13, middle school U14/15 and high school ages again this summer. We will participate in 2 regional tournaments and we will try to be finished by early July. Each team will have a 20 player roster. We will have signups and tryouts for each team on October 24th from 2:30-4pm at Johnson Road Park in Germantown. The cost per player will be about $300. This will include tournament fees and game jersey. THERE IS NO COST TO SIGN UP AND TRY OUT.

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UPDATE! Summer Games Begin

Posted by Mid South Lacrosse at Apr 29, 2021 10:39AM PDT


Hey everyone!!
We are excited to get started next week! We have been notified that the West TN All-Star Game will be held next week on Tuesday May 18th! We have some participants playing in that game and want to encourage everyone to go watch that game! The All-Star game will be held at Christian Brothers High School at 7:30PM. Tickets will be $5 and can be purchased via CBHS site.

With that being said, we will not have the first day of games on the 18th. That day will be added on to the end of the summer in July. Our first day will be the Thursday games on May 20th.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there this summer!


Thank you for taking the time to sign up and participate in our summer game series. We are excited to again be able to provide this opportunity to all local players this summer and we are expanding to include girls on a second field. This is intended to be a fun way for the boys and girls to keep a stick in their hand, continuing to work on their skills and get to play and know players from other teams they play against during the regular season.

Games will begin May 18th and run through July 8th.

Field 1
5-6:30pm 7th & 8th grade Boys
6:30-​8​pm High School Boys

Field 2
5-6:30pm 6th, 7th & 8th grade Girls
6:30-​8​pm High School Girls

Field 1
5-6:30pm 3rd & 4th grade Boys
6:30-​8​pm 5th & 6th grade Boys

Field 2
5-6:30pm 3rd, 4th & 5th grade Girls


Each player will receive a MSL reversible jersey as part of their registration. Players (Boys Only) will need to have a NOCSAE approved helmet, mouthpiece, elbow pads, shoulder pads, gloves and stick. Girls will need NOCSAE approved goggles and stick.

Games will be (4) 12 minute running quarters with a 5 minute halftime for boys and (2) 25 minute running halves with a 5 minute halftime for girls. Be sure to bring a water bottle.

Each night the player will check in at the check in table. Players will be expected to stretch and warm up on their own. We will have (2) coaches assigned and they will pick teams from the players that are there for that evening’s game. Teams will vary from week to week to give players an opportunity to play with various people from other teams and develop versatility.

Coaches will be on the field during the 3/4 games to provide instruction and facilitate play.

In the event of inclement weather, Germantown Parks and Recreation Field Hotline is (901)751-5669. They update field closures daily at 3pm. Please have this number handy.

Thanks again and we look forward to having your player join us this summer.

For Parents
• Ensure your child is healthy – check your
child’s temperature prior to any practice; do
not bring your child or any member of your
family to the facility if anyone is showing
COVID- 19 symptoms.
• Limited or no carpooling.
• Adhere to social distancing requirements -
maintain at least 6 feet apart from others not
in your family.
• Ensure child’s clothing is washed after every
• Ensure child’s equipment is cleaned and
sanitized after each practice.
• Do not assist another child or coach with
team equipment.
• Be sure your child has necessary sanitizer
with them at practices. Teach your child how
to properly use.
• Bleachers and facility seating will not be
available. Please bring your own chair.
• Parents / guardians are responsible for all
children not on the field.

For Coaches
• Limited or no use of the dugouts. Players may
hang their bags on the outside of fields on the
• Upon arriving at a field, disinfect hard surfaces,
i.e. benches, bat racks, etc. Use of bleachers will
be prohibited in this Phase II.
• No team water cooler or shared drinking
• Coaches and officials must wear face coverings
unless engaged in physical activity.
• The coach is the only person to handle any
team practice equipment.
• Ensure the health and safety of the players: by
performing pre-activity health checks.
• Supply players with antibacterial wipes and
hand sanitizer for disinfecting shared
equipment and cleaning hands.
• Adhere to and manage social distancing
practices of 6 ft or more between individuals
and players at all times.

For Players
• Wash hands thoroughly before and after
• Bring your own hand sanitizer.
• Do not touch or share anyone else’s
equipment, water, snack, or bag – you must
bring your own.
• Practice social distancing – place bags and
equipment at least 6 feet apart.
• Wash and sanitize all equipment before and
after training sessions.
• No spitting or eating seeds, gum or other
similar products.
• No touch rule – players must refrain from
high 5’s, hugs, handshakes or other physical
contact with anyone.

For The General Public
• Individuals must maintain six-feet of social
distance from others who are not of the same
• Communal refreshments, drinks, and snacks
are prohibited
• No congregating in parking lots and common
space areas.
• The league will enforce City of Germantown
attendance limits at each field/facility. This
rule will strictly be enforced.
• Practice/activity time is limited to 90 minutes
-times will be staggered for exit transitions..
• Immediately isolate and seek medical care for
any individual who develops COVID-19
symptoms. Contact the City of Germantown
Fire Dept. and the Shelby County Health
Dept. about suspected cases or exposure.


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